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Rachel Kay Public Relations is a team

of savvy communications professionals who create strategic, results-driven public relations and social media programs for national consumer and B to B brands.


Grassroots Marketing by RKPR

Media Events & Grassroots

We generate and execute press experiences & grassroots initiatives and work closely with the largest national media events

Media Relations by RKPR

Media Relations

Outreach to all the key media in TV, print, and the digital space with creative pitches to secure meaningful coverage for your brand

Influencer Marketing by RKPR

Influencer Marketing

We develop campaigns to activate the right influencers and bond them to your brand while driving authentic endorsement


Social Media 360 by RKPR

Social Media 360

Front to back management of social media platforms to create a cohesive strategy and collectively build a powerful, singular voice

Social Advertising by RKPR

Social Advertising

Build community, drive purchase and boost engagement

Content Creation by RKPR

Content Creation

We create short and long form content – blog, video, recipes, photography, newsletters to bring your brand voice to life