“The team at RKPR does a stellar job for us. They aren’t just professional about our account, they take ownership of it as if it is their own. I feel as though we are all part of a team effort when working together. RKPR is responsive, innovative, savvy, fun to work with and gets the job done!”


“The RKPR team took the time to truly understand the needs of our consumers, using that knowledge to create a successful, results-driven PR and social media program. Their hard work, incredible communication skills and genuine dedication to our brand has made them an integral part of our team.”


“The RKPR team is savvy, intelligent and resourceful in their approach to PR. After quickly learning the culture of our company, they dove in with a work ethic and a level of commitment reflecting that of our internal team. They have proven themselves an essential ingredient to the growth of our business.”

Past & present clients include:

Food & Beverage


Great-tasting food from simple, wholesome ingredients.


Organic, non-GMO fresh juices, smoothies and frozen goodies.


Kona Red

The world’s premier Hawaiian coffee products



Love at first bite! Veggie-based snack foods.

Osso Good

Osso Good

Food is medicine, and bone broth plays a very big part of overall health.


Keeping it simple. No extra stuff. Snacks with more taste, fewer ingredients, and nothing artificial.

Angelic Bakehouse

Angelic Bakehouse

The purest non-GMO ingredients, highest quality sprouted grains, unbeatable nutrition and flavor!

Alter Eco

Delicious and wholesome foods from around the globe.

Country Archer

Country Archer

We make healthy food for people who care enough to get things done


Breakfast options with the highest quality grains, nutrients, vitamins and minerals.



Delicious beverage that contains live and active probiotic cultures to improve digestive health.



Organic, non-gmo baking kits

Good Health

A trailblazer in common-sense snacking

Once Upon a Farm

Once Upon a Farm

Cold-Pressed. Organic. Non-GMO. Baby Food. Fresh from Farm to Highchair

Dry Soda

DRY is the only sparkling beverage created for food enthusiasts.

Mikey’s Muffins

RKPR Client: Mikey's Muffins

No more choosing between nutrition and flavor.

Superior Farms

RKPR Client: Superior Farms

Raising lamb naturally, kindly, and sustainably; the taste is unparalleled.


RKPR Client: Olivio

Quality olive oils pressed from our farm’s handpicked olives


RKPR Client: Elmhurst 1925 Milk

Plant-based beverages made with clean, simple ingredients.

Mom’s Best Cereal

RKPR Client: Mom's Best Cereals

Delicious, affordable cereal free of artificial flavors or preservatives.

Three Sisters

RKPR Client: Three Sisters

Eat smarter balancing delicious taste with nutrition


Wedderspoon Honey

Authentic Manuka Honey from the Hive to the Home



The world’s leading supplier of green tea leaves and drinks.


America’s #1 naturally easy to digest non-GMO Goat Milk Formula and Goat Milk Yogurt and Fruit.


The NEW shape of whole grain – a sensible snacking solution that is gluten free, and non-gmo.

New Zealand Jerky

Premium Jerky made from New Zealand Grass-Fed Beef enhanced with gluten free, natural ingredients.


Partners Food

Cookies, crackers and granola made from scratch.

Project Juice

Project Juice - RKPR Food & Beverage Client

Ready-to-blend superfood smoothies & bowls and ready-to-sip cold-pressed juices & cleanses, straight to your door.


Tofurky - RKPR Food & Beverage Client

Good food is kind to people, animals, the environment and especially tastebuds

Jack Simon Vineyards

Jack Simon Vineyards - RKPR Food & Beverage Client

We grow high quality Iberian and Rhone varietals and aspire to express the true nature of North County San Diego

GT’s Living Foods

GT's Living Foods - RKPR Food & Beverage Client

We craft foods with living probiotics to help people live happier, healthier lives

OM Mushrooms

OM Mushrooms - RKPR Food & Beverage Client
Utilizing the power of 10 remarkable species of mushrooms in functional blends and single species powders


Refreshing ice tea with organic rooibos and natural fruit flavours.


ProBar - RKPR Food & Beverage Client
PROBAR creates delicious, convenient, healthy, plant-based food products.

Enjoy Life Foods

Eat freely and enjoy fully with a full range of allergy friendly, gluten-free, paleo, vegan, non-GMO natural foods

Royal Hawaiian

Delicious AND healthy macadamia nuts. Live long, live well, live aloha.

Bonafide Provisions

The #1 selling organic, frozen bone broth in the country.

Hilary’s Eat Well

Delicious, culinary-inspired foods using real, minimally processed ingredients. Organic & vegan.


RKPR Client: Ians

Trust Made Simple.


Minimally processed sugar straight from freshly-harvested sugar cane.


RKPR Client: Nutiva

Conscious curating of the world’s finest organic plant-food ingredients.

Mary’s Gone Crackers

Wheat and gluten-free baked goods with the high quality, organic ingredients.

Arctic Zero

Fit frozen desserts without all the fat and calories. The perfect guilt-free snack.

Earnest Eats

Organic & gluten free snacks made in small batches with whole grains, nuts, seeds and fruit.

Artisan Bistro

Gluten-free meals – quick and delicious with organic veggies, herbs and spices.

Amazing Grass

Producers of Organic Green SuperFoods for the entire family. Eat Grass. Get Healthy.


Drazil Tea is an organic blend of herbal teas made just for kids. Drazil Tea is a healthy drink alternative for your children!


Natural ingredients and authentic recipes creating crisps that are freshly garnished to perfection.

D’s Naturals

Redefining natural nutrition

Soul Sprout

Soul Sprout

Delicious organic snacks packed with lively, sprouted ingredients.


The leading food marketer of this new super fruit – RAW, Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten Free

Temple Turmeric

Purveyors of the world’s first and finest family of turmeric-based beverages.


World-famous cinnamon roll maker, along with other baked goodies & specialty beverages.

Rise Bar

Minimal ingredient protein, energy & breakfast bars. Gluten Free, organic & non-GMO.

Bella Sun Luci

Bella Sun Luci

Sun-dried tomatoes from a family recipe—simple, healthy and delicious.


Delicious and nutritious snacks and chewable vitamins. Raising the bar on prenatal nutrition.

Crazy Cuizine

Great tasting & high quality entrees, side dishes, and appetizers that are crazy quick & crazy good!

Honest Kitchen

Human-grade, all natural pet food!

Organic Milling

Premier source for all customized breakfast cereal & granola programs.

The Sneaky Chef

The Sneaky Chef

Transforming the way America feeds children with “sneaky” food!

Third Street

Fair trade, non-GMO, gluten-free chai. + Iced tea & lemonade microbrewed with hand-picked leaves.


Fine chocolate made in Madagascar.


Delicious & nutritious treats from the finest ingredients. Gluten-free, organic, non-GMO, vegan & kosher.



Tasty snacks that promote heart health by lowering cholesterol naturally.

Fashion & Beauty


Beauty in action. Infusing the best of nature and knowledge into mindful & effective products that are good for people & the planet.



America’s #1 men’s shaving cream brand.

Pure Silk

A better shave. A better you. Legs like pure silk.


Clean, advanced skin care products with peptides, plant stem cells, antioxidants & retinoids.

The Little Bra Company

Intimate apparel made especially for petite and smaller-framed women.




Credentialed pharmacists, naturopaths, nutritionists, herbalists & more. Achieve health without an appointment or insurance.


Inspired by California and a healthy way of life

Health & Wellness


Terry Naturally Supplements

Proven, life-changing products to health food stores across America


The tastiest & most effective omega-3 fish oil

Gaia Herbs

Leading grower and producer of Certified Organic (COG) herbs and herbal products.

Oska Wellness

RKPR Client: Oska Wellness

Portable, wearable pain relief device that is 100% drug-free


Helping YOU to make strides in fitness, motherhood, and life!

Technology & Lifestyle



Cafe Quality Coffee – Made Easy

Editor Showcase

A series of private brand-to-press networking events giving brand managers their moment in the spotlight.


RKPR Client: Activbody

We aim to make the world healthier by making exercise fun and convenient.

Environmental Lights

Best-in-class LED lighting solutions.


The world’s safest trampoline!

My Upside

My Upside - RKPR Food & Beverage Client

myUpside Is A Healthy Lifestyle Community That Rewards Your Achievements With Personalized Experiences


Footwear accessory allows athletes to move to and from their sport without damaging cleats or risking injury.

Waismann Method

Global leader in programs to overcome opiate addiction and drug dependence.

Booty Camp Fitness


RKPR Client: Restonic

Your most trusted partner for a good night’s sleep


Helping brands better connect with their consumers through social media.